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A Brief History of Pipe Materials

Prestressed concrete cylinder pipe was first manufactured in 1942 and consists of a thin steel ring encased in concrete. This type of pipe material is still being installed today and is commonly used for larger pipe diameters, storm sewer lines and water mains. Finally, plastic pipes came into popular use including PVC, ABS and PEX pipe.


Applied Materials is the leader in materials engineering solutions used to produce virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world. Our expertise in modifying materials at atomic levels and on an industrial scale enables ...

Technical — Bryan Materials Group

Technical Data. Bryan Materials Group has the experience and technical background to supply high specification and difficult jobs. Our background in engineering has enabled us to service the construction community with the knowledge required to help projects run smoothly and efficiently, while developing new concrete products and applications to service a specific need on a given project.

Top 10 Concrete Producers in North America

Sep 26, 2016 · Most concrete producers had a strong start to the year due to much of the country experiencing unusually good weather in the first quarter. However, the second quarter included the second-wettest April-June period recorded in U.S. history, which slowed construction activities.

History of cement

Cement history. Throughout history, cementing materials have played a vital role and were used widely in the ancient world. The Egyptians used calcined gypsum as a cement and the Greeks and Romans used lime made by heating limestone and added sand to make mortar, with coarser stones for concrete.

Recycled Aggregates in Concrete • Aggregate Research

Recycled Aggregates ( — Construction materials are increasingly judged by their ecological characteristics. Concrete recycling gains importance because it protects natural resources and eliminates the need for disposal by using the readily available concrete as an aggregate source for new concrete or pavement sub-base layers.

Portland Cement : A Brief History

2014/12/10 · History and Development of Portland Cement Portland cement, arguably one of mankind’s most important manufactured materials, was invented and patented by Joseph Aspdin from Leeds in 1824. Aspdin produced cement by heating powdered limestone mixed with clay in a furnace,

List of building materials

This is a list of building materials.Many types of building materials are used in the construction industry to create buildings and structures.. These categories of materials and products are used by architects and construction project managers to specify the materials and methods used for building projects.

Historic Concrete: The Background to Appraisal

Historic concrete deals predominantly with concrete in Britain, but makes reference to discoveries and works in other countries where these have influenced practice in Britain. It examines the history of reinforced and prestressed concrete and also includes chapters covering military applications of concrete and its use in tunnels, roads and ...

Historical background of the development of concrete

Portland Cement Materials and Industry in the United States. ... A History of Engineering ... Concrete and Hydraulic Cement, 5 pp. lii Historical background of the development of concrete ...

Almost 50 Years Of Concrete Production Solutions

This was the original, and at the time only, mobile concrete mixer. The concept was simple — hold materials necessary to produce concrete separately, measure by volume, and mix the materials on-site as needed. The company moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to its current location, Indianola, Iowa, in 1975 after expanding to a manufacturing ...


INTRODUCTION TO MATERIALS MANAGEMENT Materials constitute a major cost component for any Industry. The total cost of installed materials (or Value of Materials) may be 60% or more of the total cost (Stukhart 2007, Bernold and Treseler 1991), even though the factory cost may be a minor part of the total, probably less than 20-30%.

Roofing Styles: Trends and History

May 17, 2012 · Current Popular Roofing Materials. These classic roofing designs are still in use with new construction, but they have evolved in application, materials and purpose. Most homeowners desire roof materials and designs that are attractive, inexpensive, low-maintenance, and long-lasting, as well as environmentally friendly.

Allen Engineering Corp - Allen Concrete Equipment

2012 Re-branded all products under the Allen brand and red color 2012 Introduced the V.P. (Value Premium) line of walkers 2012 Exhibited at our 35th consecutive World of Concrete 2013 Launced the all-new track buggy line 2014

History of construction

History of building is evolving by different trends in time, marked by few key principles : durability of the materials used, the increasing of height and span, the degree of control exercised over the interior environment and finally the energy available to the construction process.

Concrete Materials

service bureau, employer, or insurance company to furnish any and all background information requested by Accurate Background, Inc., 7515 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618 (800) 216-8024,, another outside organization acting on behalf of the Company, and/or the Company itself.


Mar 30, 2015 · high strength concrete ppt 1. • history of concrete • introduction to concrete • types of concrete • high strenght concrete • guidlines for the selection of materials • difference b/w nsc and hsc • application of hsc 2.

lightweight concrete - Post-war building materials

Lightweight concrete can be considered as an ‘improved traditional’ building product: by steering a middle course between innovation and tradition, such products made use of often common or familiar materials but with enhanced technical, economical, or architectural characteristics, and standardized dimensions.

Company Background History Concrete Materials

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History of Concrete

Cement has been around for 12 million years. The ancient Romans created a special concrete to make hydraulic cement that has lasted for over 2,000 years. Explore the timeline created by CEMEX USA to learn more about the history of concrete and cement.

History – Concrete Service Materials Company

Concrete Service Materials Company was founded in 1939 on Arch Street in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It was founded by two owners, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Spiesman. They sold specialty concrete materials and supplies. Mr. Spiesman brought an engineering background to the business and offered customers top notch customer service with experience in ...

Our history

Fila’s History begins in 1943: discover Our history. FILA has gained worldwide presence with the opening of six commercial branches in Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, the USA and the Arab Emirates.

About Eastman Chemical Company

Founded in 1920, Eastman is a global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. With the purpose of enhancing the quality of life in a material way, Eastman works with customers to deliver innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability.

Self-Healing Bio-Concrete

May 14, 2015 · Giatec Scientific Inc. Ottawa-based company, Giatec Scientific Inc., is revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing smart concrete testing technologies and real-time data collection to the forefront of every jobsite.Learn more about Giatec Scientific Inc Mission and Core Values, or read more about Giatec Scientific's Line of Products.We are bringing long-overdue change to a ...

Company Profile

Company Profile CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high-quality products and reliable service to customers and communities in more than 50 countries. We have a rich history of improving the wellbeing of those we serve through innovative building solutions, efficiency advancements, and efforts to promote a sustainable future.

History — Bryan Materials Group

Now, five generations later, his Company has evolved to one of the leading construction material suppliers in Western Pennsylvania. The history of his Company is an integral part of the continual rebuilding and growth of Pittsburgh.

Our History - Idaho Materials & Construction

Idaho Concrete Company’s history dates back to the early 1900s when founder, George Jesson, jack-of-all-trades, offered services that ranged from the manufacturing of concrete pipe, pre-cast concrete, pre-stressed concrete


2020/04/21 · Cement - Cement - History of cement: The origin of hydraulic cements goes back to ancient Greece and Rome. The materials used were lime and a volcanic ash that slowly reacted with it in the presence of water to form a hard mass. This formed the cementing material of the Roman mortars and concretes of 2,000 years ago and of …

Molded Fiber Glass Companies Background

This watershed event established MFG as a pioneer and changed MFG’s trajectory leading to other “firsts” – FRP boats, high volume truck and tractor components, bakery trays, concrete forms and satellite dishes.

A Brief Guide to Concrete Poetry

While many readers now associate the term "concrete poetry" with poems whose outlines depict a recongnizable shape—John Hollander's collectionTypes of Shape, for example—the ideas behind concrete poetry are much broader. In essence, works of concrete poetry are as much pieces of visual art made ...

Home - MMC Materials, Inc

Our company was evaluating asphalt vs. concrete for the parking lot area of a new condominium development. Working with NRMCA, the team at MMC Materials delivered a “problem solving” solution complete with design specs. They were instrumental in our decision-making process which resulted in the optimal choice being concrete.

History of Concrete - Concrete and Cement History

2017/04/28 · Concrete & cement history outlined on an interactive timeline, spaning from the Egyptian Pyramids to modern decorative concrete, complete with photos and descriptions of each event. 1908-Concrete Homes In 1908 ...

The History Of Concrete and How Concrete Was Invented

The history of concrete is really amazing, it's hard to believe a material as old as concrete is such an important part of our "building infrastructure" today. Concrete is as important a resource to us now as it was to the egyptians when they built the pyramids. Unbelievable!

Fletchers Construction History

Following the amalgamation of Fletcher Challenge, Tasman Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd, and Challenge Corporation in 1981 to form Fletcher Challenge, the construction company remained one of the firm's highly diversified six divisions, of what was now New Zealand's largest public company. The construction and property division alone, employing 4900 staff.

A brief history of plastics, natural and synthetic

May 17, 2014 · It was also cellulose that provided the raw material for the next great breakthrough in modern plastics - the material "Parkesine", modestly named by the British inventor Alexander Parkes, who put ...

History of Concrete - Concrete and Cement History Timeline

This is an interactive timeline covering the history of cement and concrete. It spans over 5,000 years, from the time of the Egyptian Pyramids to present day decorative concrete developments. Concrete has been used for many amazing things throughout history, including architecture, infrastructure and more.

Panama Canal

Sep 30, 2019 · Panama Canal Dangers Goethals focused efforts on Culebra Cut, the clearing of the mountain range between Gamboa and Pedro Miguel. Excavation of the nearly 9-mile stretch became an around-the-clock ...

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